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Sandra Eula Lee : Two waters /산드라 유라 리: 굽이 사이 
An accompanied publication Sandra Eula Lee : Two waters 

Published by Forum A(art space pool publications, publisher: Heejin Kim) Published dated June 23, 2011 
17x25cm, 24 pages, partial color. 
Limited edition of 500 Language in Korean, English 
Photographed and Written by Sandra Eula Lee 
Written by Art Space Pool Curator Kim Jinjoo, Lee Young-Wook , Sigurdur Gudmundsson 
Designed by Cho Jieun 
ISBN 978-89-965674-4-8 
Price: 8,000 KRW. 8 USD. 8 Euro. 

Badly Flattened Land/아주 평평한 공터 

First published date: March 15, 2011 
Published by Forum A 
Authors: mixrice, Heejin Kim, Young Min Moon, Kim Yongik, Phillip Rizk, Allam 
Editors: mixrice, Heejin Kim Photos: mixrice, Hong Cheol Ki 
Design: mixrice, Kim Uin 
Language: Korean, English 
ISBN 978-89-965674-2-4 97600

Continuity and Intensity/연속과 강도 

Publisher : forum a 
Editors : Yumi Kang, Kil Ye-Kyung, Heejin Kim, Yunju Chang 
Translator : Kil Ye-Kyung, Yu Esther, Kyunghee Lee 
Design : Kang Donghyeong 
Publishing Date : December 31, 2008  
Language : Korean/English 
Price : 30,000 KRW, 25 USD, 20 Euro 
ISBN 978-89-965674-1-7 93600 

The Grass Rises/풀이 선다 

First Printing : December 31, 2010 
Publisher : forum a 
Editor & Transcriber : Heejin Kim, Jinjoo Kim, Ha Myoung-sue 
Design : Yong-seok Jang 
Photography : Sangdon Kim and artists of individual artworks 
Price 30,000 KRW $25 USD 
Language : Korean/English  
ISBN 978-89-965674-0-0